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Family Medicine

Family medicine emphasizes a holistic approach to medical treatment. We provide preventive and comprehensive care by understanding deeply you and your family’s physical conditions. Our family doctors in Hong Kong seek to build long-term trusting relationships with you to direct you to the right specialist if your condition needs further investigation and treatment.


Medical centre
Home visit


Personalized record


Whole person health service


Medical & Social Integrated Care


Vaccinations are vital to ensuring your health, and they are effective in equipping your body with a better adaptive immune response against diseases. Vaccines in Hong Kong should be carefully administered two weeks to one month prior to your departure if you are traveling to foreign countries or studying abroad.


Adult & Elderly


Travel/Study Abroad

Health Screening

We help our clients keep track of their health by performing comprehensive health check-ups in Hong Kong. Our health check and screening services in Hong Kong include liver function test, lipid profile, hepatitis profile, diabetes profile, kidney function test, thyroid profile, STD, haematology profile, inflammation profile, gout, bone, cancer marker, urine routine and stool test.





Travel Health

When planning a trip to foreign countries, we highly recommend that you complete a thorough health check to prevent infectious diseases in advance. Our travel health service in Hong Kong provides you the information and travel-related vaccinations for preventive purposes. 


General health advice
Environmental health risk



Studying abroad
Visa application


Malaria prophylaxis
Travel medication

Elderly Health

With the ageing population in Hong Kong, we understand the health care needs of elderly in a household and the assistance required for caregiving. From assessment, facilitation, home visits and end of life care, we provide you and your family the support and services to ensure a better quality of life.

Medical & Social Integration

Home visit based
Chronic illness
Multiple comorbidities

Assessment & Facilitation

Elderly comprehensive assessment
Dementia screening
Advanced Care Planning (ACP)
Advanced Directive (AD)

Mental Capacity Assessment

Making a will
Enduring power of attorney

End of Life Care

Good death at home
Choice autonomy
Death certification


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